Meet Peg

Peg Arnold

Creative Dramatist/Speaker/Author –
Encourage, Inspire, Equip

If you have ever grown up in a large family,
been a PK (preacher’s kid), fought an eating
disorder, lost a parent unexpectedly,
survived the challenges of unemployment
or lost a pregnancy you have a small idea
of the roller coaster joys and trials of
Peg Arnold’s life. Giving her life to Christ as
a teenager, she has sought to serve Him daily. Even through the doubting,
questioning and wandering years, she always knew that God was there and His love and forgiveness would woo her back to Him.

As a dramatist, national speaker and author, Peg  weaves personal anecdotes with scripture to create humorous and poignant messages. Her contagious ministry has touched hearts and encouraged spirits at women’s events for more than 20 years. She  desires  to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit that inspires and encourages women to embrace and accept Christ’s love, grace and forgiveness.

As a wife and mother Peg has been blessed to be married to Rick, raise two children and now enjoys the sticky kisses of 5 grandchildren. She grew as a leader through her years of involvement in women’s ministry, Christian Education and music ministries. She loved working as a math teacher and later a counselor where her compassion and knowledge were instrumental as she supported parents, kids and families in the many challenges of family changes and teenage depression to mention a few. During these years, the Lord gently called Peg into sharing what the hope of Christ taught her through these experiences through drama, speaking and writing. 

Peg’s engaging ministry has now touched hearts and spirits at women’s events up and down the east coast for more than 20 years. Her publications include her contribution to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide and her blog titled Devotions for the Distracted Heart  [email protected].  

As a teacher, key note speaker, conference presenter, Peg has developed 1 hour presentations to full weekend retreats with teaching, drama and group activities. Her dramas include both Biblical characters such as the Woman at the Well, the woman caught in adultery, Mary and Martha plus several modern characters including the “church ladies”.  (See Programs)

One Testimony

Peg Arnold is one of the most gifted, godly women I know. Through her presentations of the “The Ladies” she creatively brings the Word of God that touch women’s hearts in incredible ways. Over a number of years I have used Peg's ministries at several churches. She has written retreats and modeled retreats from themes suggested to her, adding her creative touches that inspired us all. - Rev. Linda Warehime, Maryland. 

My personal Testimony

-Growing up as a “preacher’s kid” and one of five children, I have always been active in the church. From the early years of sitting in pint sized chairs eating graham crackers and juice while singing songs like “Jesus Loves Me” to leading worship with my guitar on youth Sunday, I was always learning. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior during a revival at church and continually have sought to grow spiritually through camps, church involvement, Bible studies, personal study and devotions. As an adult I have struggled with balancing the roles and expectations of being the perfect wife, mother, daughter, teacher and more. Some of those struggles include honoring values and priorities but my deeper spiritual growth has come from the challenges: self doubt, losses, illnesses, financial difficulties and more. It is through these deep moments of discouragement, loss and pain that Jesus has sustained me and proven over and over again that He is the Lord of Hope and Strength.  Jeremiah 29:11-13


My mission as a Christian dramatist and speaker is to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit empowering and equipping others to embrace their God-given gifts and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

My Statement of Faith

I Believe:
• God sent Jesus Christ to offer salvation and eternal life. Through His death and resurrection, God offers forgiveness and through accepting His grace we are able to establish a relationship with God and this is available to all who believe.  
• Jesus requires us to live by two greatest commandments, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. 
• The Holy Spirit empowers us with gifts, graces and insights to carry out the will of God.