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Audio of presentation at the Intentional Sisterhood Conference this is a live audience

Pamphlet  Mailer

I truly believe that every woman is loved deeply by our Lord. My heart’s desire is to prayerfully prepare an empowering message created to inspire and encourage them to embrace that Love.

From Biblical to modern day women, Peg invites you to hear their stories and experience God’s love for each of us, right where we are.

The Ladies

Peg’s Ladies are the most requested program and they appeal to all ages with the message that you are important; God loves you and has equipped you for a purpose!

These “church” ladies take you on a roller coaster of emotions and
are a springboard for a variety of messages. Here are a few:
Unity in the Body of Christ 1 Corinthians: 12:12-31
New Beginnings or Spring Fling -Colossians 3:12-14
Molded by the Master – a full retreat focusing on Isaiah 64:8

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The Woman Saved by Grace
Peg weaves a heart-wrenching drama

that transports you into the streets of
Jerusalem where Christ saves an
adulterous woman about to be stoned.
Peg challenges you to identify your
rocks that separate you from Christ or
hold you back. Can you “drop
your rock?” John 8:1-11

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Martha and Mary
Distracted and devoted hearts
You can almost hear the voice of Jesus

as Peg brings Martha and Mary to life.
This drama offers a fresh perspective
on the challenges women face today
as they struggle to balance the
demands of life with their desire
to love and serve the Lord.  

Clearing the Clutter
(priorities and time management)
Matthew 6:33- Each of us balance
many responsibilities, where do we
find time for Christ

Women at the Well
As this woman meets Jesus at the well,

you feel the compassion and love of
Jesus. Peg explores reasons to meet
Jesus at the well and taste His Living
Water. He is there to meet you too!
John 4:1-42

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Fruits of the Spirit -
​Growing connected
to the vine
What’s in your basket

theme explores the
challenges that separate
us from the vine and hinder our ability to emulate the true Fruits of the Spirit.  This presentation has extensions for a full retreat to explore how the seasons of life impact the fruit we bear. John 15. Galatians 5:22-23

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Naomi and Ruth
Meet Naomi and Ruth and discover not only how God deeply loves each of us but uses our hurts and challenges to redeem us and glorify Him.   

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Experience the challenges of Bathsheba
as she shares her journey from marrying
and losing Uriah to becoming the wife of David and mother of Solomon.

You will experience God’s faithfulness and redemption in spite of her years of shame and grief.

Wearing the Face of Christ
This one woman drama explores how
wearing the face of Christ reflects his
love in the midst of life’s challenges.  

Glean the Glitz out of Christmas
Reignite the meaning of Christmas
with an angelic visit who helps to focus
on the true meaning of the holiday in
spite of all the stress and activity.
Great for Christmas teas.

My Heart is the Home of Christ
When company comes do you race around hiding those thing in life you don’t want anyone else to see.  Harriot the housekeeper takes a humorous but poignant look at what we often try to hide from God.

Putting Passion into your Worship
Peg explores how our learning modalities and styles impact our worship  and prayer life. This is an interactive experience that reignites passion in your faith walk.

Communication in the body
of Christ
Peg and her husband team up to teach how to navigate the art of communication in marriage with humorous anecdotes and biblical strategies. This is great for coed groups and very interactive.

Peg designs each presentation to meet the unique needs of your event. 
Abbreviated programs are available that run from 20-30 minute up to an hour. She also offers ½ day and full day programs as well as weekend retreats that include at least one drama, 2-3 messages, musical reflections, and group activities.
20-30 minute presentations
1 hour presentations
½ day or full day or weekend retreats (would include at least one drama, 2-3 messages on a similar topic, musical reflections and if desired, group activities).